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18 MB camera Notes on reliability Issues.

18 MB camera Notes on reliability Issues.

We have had some issues with the 18 MB camera when plugged in to some systems.  We have noted that the Novatech Hub that we previously used because it was better with the Visiosens 10 MP camera does not work so well this one whereas the latest version  of the Startech one which we had dropped because of issues with the 10 meg works better.  We also seem to have more issues with Dell PCs than some other brands.

Hub Notes:

Novatech with Chipset 11(?) unreleiable

Startech with Chipset 12(?) reliable

Climax Digital (same as the IDS hub) Releaible.

My 5/05/16 incident

I was running on my Dell Dimension T5610 system with Startech HUB_D quite happily most of the day until I did  a restart after which the camera was not recognised with any hub or even plugged in directly.

I turned on on the morning of the 6th and booted into Windows 10 and the camera was working correctly.  Works directly connected with the ODS.  Works via a hub with the ODS

Rebooted in to Windows 8.1 still no joy, the camera was not recognised at first then just the driver not starting.

Rebooted in Windows 7 and the camera appeared to be working correctly.  However the ODS program cannot initialise it....  Noted that the camera would NOT work in the ODS connected directly to the PC but would when connected via a hub.

Noted on power up PC camera stays red until driver loaded, so the light indicates that the camera is being controlled.