7300 manual Items
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7300 manual Items

The purpose of this article is to discuss features of the 7300 which we believe may not be in the current i7380 product.

File view and limited edit/mark up capabilities.

There is a file browser pain in the 7300 software and this allows a user to load view and mark up, crop and otherwise edit a previously scanned image.  This is a feature we do not have but i'm pretty sure that everything it can do could be done in paint of other standard windows utilities.

Direct Fax support

In addition to email the 7300 supports faxing from within the software.  we have not tested this and presumably some connection to a phone line would be needed.  Is this still a requirement these days?  Botht neh 7300 and our i7380 support direct output to email and in addition we support export to Google Docs and Dropbox.

Save, Dual save and Print

The 7300 will allow automatic saving and printing as a batch process.  Both are available on our system when scanning manually but printing is not available as a batch process.  Also you cannot do more that one  output in batch mode so to save the same image in both bitonal and greyscale is not possible even if you scan automatically.  It is possible after an automatic scan to look through all the scanned images because they are put in to the 'cart' and print any or all of them.

Auto Browse

The i7300 allows a user to select a range of images to scan in a browse mode with a user selectable pause on each image.  It is also possible to operate the i7300 in the same way as the i7380 that is to just go to the next blip manually when you are ready.  In practice is the auto browsing mode useful or is it better for the operator to choose when to move to the next image.  We additioanlly can either do find next / Find previous which will confine movement to the selected blip range or use Blip +/- 1 to move when outside the last selected range.